• Arnold Birner

    Arnold Birner ran his 4-port Riley powered rig at the lakes in 1941. At the July 20 meet it ran 118.42 mph. Arnold went on to become a pattern maker and did all the engine blocks for Donovan Engineering including his favorite the D, an aluminum version of Henry Ford’s old 4-banger. more
  • Inner Tubes Wanted!

    Do you own a tire shop? Do you have a bunch of commercial size inner tubes? We are currently looking for any used or junk inner tubes you may have lying around. We are starting a new project that will be taking these inner tubes and creating something entirely different and usable. Please use the contact form. We will gladly pay for shipping if you are not local. Thanks!
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    Want to drop us a line? Have some work needed done on a old jalopy? Want to rid yourself of junk inner tubes? Feel free to contact us. We also do metal fabrication. We would love to hear from you. Contact Us